Lahore and its culture

My friend from Pakistan who currently worked at Liberty Lawn New Braunfels was telling me that Lahore city is located in Punjab, Pakistan. Lahore is the cultural hub. This is extremely traditional. Lahore is sometimes called a heart of Pakistan. This city is famous for its lifestyle, music, art, entertainment, language, literature, festival and off course last but not least for its cuisines. People of Lahore are called Lahoris. Lahoris are very welcoming people. It’s a saying that “who haven’t seen Lahore, haven’t even born”.

People in Lahore belong to different religions. Although, Islam is dominant religion of Lahore but other minorities are Christians, Hindus etc. Muslims and Non-Muslims have equal rights to live there. In many colleges Muslim students celebrate some Hindu and Christianity festivals long with Hindus and Christians. Especially Holi is celebrated in some colleges with proper arrangement etc.

Lahore is greatly influenced by Mughals. Lahore progressed so much in time of Mughals and they constructed many iconic buildings in Lahore that are still very famous and amazing in architectural style and interior. This is one of the reasons that Lahore is visited by many visitors (foreigners) every year.

Lahore is about food food and food.  Lahore is also famous for its cuisines. Every taste from totally Chinese to full spicy food is available 24/7 in this city. This city has many famous places for some food specialties’. Food is found from food chains to local street food. The food street of Lahore has a great value. This is food world. You can almost every kind of cuisine to Paan. Paan is made up of paan leaf and filled with Rose preserve (Gulkand), Supari mix (Areca nut), Sweet coated funnel seeds, honey, coconut powder, golden raisins and cardamom pods. Paan is often served in silver platter.

The economic, social and political life of Lahore is very busy and fast. It is to be said that if you want to know the literature value of any city than find out how many magazines, literature magazines, newspapers, weekend magazines etc are published. So in Lahore many of such things are publishes as compared to other cities of Pakistan.  This city has many prestigious colleges and universities where students are getting education from around the Pakistan. Many foreigners are also getting education in these universities and colleges. The Mela baharan, Mela charaghaan (also called Mela Shalimar), Basant etc are very beautiful events that are celebrated by students in their institutes and outside the institutes as well.