Agra and its beauty

My indian friend while we were in a meeting with Beaverton Exterminator and were waiting told me that Agra is city of India located in Uttar Pradesh. Agra boomed in Mughal era. Agra is remains always tourists attraction because of Mughal era’s buildings.  Mughals were amazing people. They left their buildings as their signature. There are many places in Agra that can’t be ignored or can’t be left unseen.

Taj Mahal (Palace):

Taj mahal was constructed in Mughal era by Shah Jahan for his beloved wife Mumtaz Mahal. The construction of mahal was completed in 1653 and the estimated cost was $32 million rupees. This taj mahal complex covers the area of 42 acre. It has mosque, gardens and rest house. Taj mahal is included on top of list of “7 wonders of world”. Poetry is crafted in white marble. It never disappoints its visitors by its beauty. Morning time is amazing to stroll in its gardens and get admired by master piece of Mughal era or night view is amazing when pool water and shiny marble reflects back, it is not less than a fairy’s world.

Khas Mahal (Palace):

This mahal is located on one side of Yamuna River and other side on Anguri bagh. This mahal was built for Shah Jahan’s daughters Roshnara and Jahanara by Shah Jahan. Construction of Khas Mahal started in 1631 and took 9 years to complete and completed in 1640.  It is located in premises of Red Fort. The art work on white marble on walls and roofs are stunning. This palace has three parts; sleeping room that is also called Khawabgah, a wardrobe which is also called tosha-khana or baithak and chamber of telling beads that is also called viz-tasbeeh-khana.

Agra Fort:

Agra fort has history hidden in it. It is one of the historic forts of India in Delhi. It is 2km away from Taj Mahal in northwest. This is such a majestic fort and is famous for its gates too. Redstone construction is amazing.